Guide to Castles Beach in Oahu

Picturesque, saturated Photo of Castles Beach on Oahu with a variety of clouds and contrails

Situated at the west end of Kailua Bay is a secluded white-sandy beach known as Castles Beach. It is much less crowded than its neighboring beaches, Kailua and Kalama beach park. In addition, the beach has smaller waves, great for those looking for a more low-key surfing experience. Besides surfing, Castles Beach is an excellent place to have a picnic, relax, take a walk, and swim. It is the perfect getaway, especially for families.

Castles Beach on an average sunny day with calm waters

Where is Castles Beach exactly?

The beach can be tricky to find. It is located in a residential area on a busy Kailua road. Locals park in the neighborhood parking spot on Kailuana Place. Then, walk down south for 300 meters to the beach access.

You can also park near Kalama Beach. However, the distance is around 1.5 miles, which would take approximately 25 to 30 minutes to walk.

Is it safe to swim there?

Yes. The water is usually calm, making it safe for swimming. The more you go south, the more likely you will hit reefs while swimming. Watch out for jellyfish when it’s windy. The beach has a sandy bottom, with some little rocks here and there. Wear swimming shoes if necessary. To splash in knee-deep water, we preferred Bathtub Beach on the North Shore.

Surfing at Castles Beach

The waves at Castles Beach may be too small and a bit bland for experienced surfers. If you are looking for a thrilling surfing adventure, you are likely much better off at North Beach, which is around a 10-minute ride away from Castles beach.  For beginners and casual surfers, however, Castles Beach may be an ideal place to practice.. It is the only surf spot in Kailua, that doesn’t require you to paddle out to the islands. The best time to surf is during winter, especially in November. Around this time, the swell is consistent with 2-3 feet waves and light, offshore winds. It is also beginner- and family-friendly due to the lack of other surfers and swimmers.

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