How to Join a Drum Circle on Maui

Colorful painting of a drum circle on a Maui Beach

Participating in a drum circle is on the bucket list for many vacationers visiting Hawaii. This guide will help you cross it off your list and enjoy an authentic experience that is meant to bring folks from all walks of life together in a rhythmic fashion! 

You may have read or heard about the famous drum circle on Little Beach. Please note that you won’t find the drum circle there. Since March 2021, the Maui Sunday Drum Circle has moved to Chang’s Beach, which is close by.

What do you need to join a drum circle?

In true hippie fashion, there is not much you need to have fun! To join the drum circle on Maui:

  • You need a drum. Any drum will do!
  • You need to have a mode of transport to take you to Little Beach or Baldwin Beach Park.
  • Make sure you plan your trip to Maui, so you have a weekend to spare.
  • Read through the drum circle etiquette at the bottom of this post.

Buying a Drum

  • If you are heading for the drum circle at Baldwin Beach Park, your best bet to score a quality Sawtooth drum is Bounty Music. From there, it will only be a ten-minute drive to the beach. Beware that they are only open til 6 PM on Friday. 
  • If you are planning to drum on Chang’s Beach please buy your drum well beforehand, as there is no venue that sells drums nearby. Check Walmart and Target for some good deals on drums.
  • If you are on a budget, you may want to check the local Facebook groups and buy a secondhand drum from there.

Chang’s Beach on Sunday from 4 pm onwards

The open-mindedness and relaxed attitude of evening beachgoers on Chang’s Beach will remain the favorite experience of many tourists visiting Maui. There are good vibes all around, and the drum circle on Sunday afternoon till the evening is a must-do! 

The drum circle is generally bigger than the one at Baldwin Beach Park, with up to 60 people. If you are offended by uncovered bodies or are planning to visit with your kids, you may want to opt for the latter option, as nudity is tolerated here. Furthermore, in true hippie fashion, the attendees here tend to blaze it up.

Besides the drum circles, the Sunday beach party also features fire shows, with fire dancers that dance to the beat of the drums. In contrast to Baldwin Beach Park, Chang’s Beach features stunning sunsets, which only add to the warm atmosphere and good vibes on a Sunday afternoon.

Important: If you plan to stay longer than 7:30 pm, you may want to park outside, as the gates close at 7:45. It will also save you from a hefty $10 parking fee.

Baldwin Beach Park on a Friday Night

This beach tends to be crowded. Not just with drummers but also with sea turtles, which seem to take a liking to the music. Parking here is limited, so it may be worthwhile to come a bit early, if you don’t feel like having to walk an extra few minutes. Just like on Chang’s Beach, the beat of the drums is complemented by a fire-spinning show and slacklining competitions.

We suggest you visit Baldwin Beach in the afternoon and explore the stunning tide pools until the drumming begins.

Drum Circle Etiquette

The drum circles on Maui are famous for their inclusive environment and lack of rules. Nevertheless, there are a few measures you can take to make the experience more enjoyable for yourselves and others:

  • Don’t feel like you always have to contribute. If a beat is too difficult, simply take a break and enjoy listening!
  • Allow other drummers to express themselves. It’s a give-and-take dynamic.
  • Ensure your drumming volume fits the other players.
  • Don’t take people’s seats in the drum circle, if they go for a bathroom break!
  • Always ask before playing on someone else’s drum. Some people believe their drum has a unique energy that can be compromised if someone else plays on it.
  • Don’t wear bracelets or rings, as they can damage the top of the drum and compromise the acoustics.

Additional Info

Check out the Fans of Little Beach, Maui Drum Circle Facebook group for additional events

Here’s a video of the drum circle on Little Beach on a Sunday afternoon (But remember it’s now located at Chang’s Beach!): 

Here’s a recent video of the drum circle at Baldwin Beach:

As we said, it gets pretty crowded!

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