Laniloa Beach on Oahu – Low Key but Worth Seeing!

Picturesque Drone Shot of Laniloa Beach

Laniloa Beach, also known as Bikini Beach, is a small, secluded beach located south of Laie Point. It has fewer tourists compared to other beaches nearby. Most visitors seem to be residents of Leia and locals. The beach offers serenity to relax in the shade along the shore.

There are no lifeguard and beach facilities available. So, it may not be convenient to stay all day. However, it is still a great place for a break on a trip on the northeastern side of Oahu.

The offshore reef protects Laniloa Beach from large waves. The water is generally calm and mellow, even with moderate winds coming from Oahu’s north and east coast. Laniloa is a great swimming spot for kids and casual or inexperienced swimmers, but they should avoid the coral reefs on the right side of the beach. Wear swimming shoes if necessary! Stay on the left side of the beach next to the cliffs of Laie Point, as it has a nice sandy bottom.

How to get to Laniloa Beach?

Laniloa Beach has easy access. There are several public entry points. 

  • Across from the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel
  • Across McDonald’s, next to the bus stop intersection of Kamehameha Highway and Naniloa Loop
  • From Laie Point, take the public access stairs down to the beach

Unfortunately, the beach has no designated parking spot for tourists in rental cars. In addition, locals usually park on the street-side on Naniloa Loop or cross the highway. 

We recommend going to this beach during high tide.

This drone video shows you the patches of coral you should avoid when swimming there.

Thrilling activities on Laniloa Beach:

  • Beachcombing
  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Snorkeling
  • Watching sunset

Already got your daily sunburn? Then you should definitely get some shade under a crooked palm tree or check out the Polynesian Cultural Center right across Kamehameha Highway!

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