Renting a Zipcar in Honolulu for a Road trip around Oahu

Aerial shot of Honolulu's skyline with cloud-covered mountains in the background and turqoise water in the front

If you’ve browsed through our site, you’ve probably seen a lot of posts on Oahu. The island is filled to the brim with thrilling spots ready to be explored. Unfortunately, Oahu’s public transport sucks, and it is not a bike-friendly island. Renting a Zipcar in Honolulu is a convenient and cost-effective alternative. The car-sharing service has a handful of cars available in the Waikiki area that you can rent within minutes.

How to rent a Zipcar in Hawaii

In order to rent a Zipcar, you need to be a member and reserve a car in advance. Don’t just show up to one of the two rental locations unprepared. There are no attendants on-site to help you. Here is what you need in order to drive a Zipcar in Honolulu:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a valid debit or credit card
  • Subscribe to a membership plan
  • Verify your identity (took less than an hour for us)
  • Download the Zipcar app and log in

Zipcar as two locations in Honolulu. They are both in Waikiki and within walking distance from each other. You need to return your rented Zipcar to the same location where you picked it up.

Location 1

These Zipcars are located on level B in the parking garage of the Alohilani Hotel. The location on the map is slightly misleading. The parking garage is located north of the hotel itself. You have to use a separate elevator to reach the Zipcars.

Location 2

This location is much smaller. There were only 4 cars to choose from when we were there (2 of which were in the luxury category.) Head to the third floor or the shopping mall of the International Market Place and then take the elevator to take you to level 5 of the parking garage.

How much does a Zipcar cost in Hawaii?

The prices are more than reasonable, as they already include gas and insurance. There are three car types to choose from:

  1. Economy
  2. SUV
  3. Luxury

In our opinion, getting an SUV Zipcar is the most cost-effective option for a road trip around Oahu. The SUVs are only around 6% more expensive than their economy cars. Considering that many thrilling spots are remotely located and are only accessible via rough roads, the SUV option is a worthwhile investment. We rented the Jeep Wrangler.

Price examples for a Zipcar

DurationFree miles includedTrip cost (Economy)Trip cost (SUV)Trip cost (Luxury)
1 hour180$11$12$17
3 hours180$33$37$50
1 day180$83$88$133
2 days360$165$175$265

Miles over the free limit will cost $0.58 per mile.

How much will a one-day Zipcar road trip around Oahu cost?

Driving around Oahu and taking the long detour to Makua Beach is around 166 miles drive. You may want to add another 30 miles for the smaller detours to all the attractions. This means you will hardly drive more than 200 miles, which is only 20 miles over the daily free mile allowance. Therefore, your road trip will likely cost less than $85 with an economy car and less than 90$ with an SUV

Which Zipcars are available in Honolulu?

The options in Honolulu are slightly more limited than in other cities:

  • Economy:
    • Honda CR-V
    • Honda Civic
  • SUV:
    • Jeep Wrangler
  • Luxury:
    • Mercedes-Benz C300

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