Top 6 Phenomenal Parasailing Spots in Texas

Parasailer on South Padre Island in the Evening

Are you ready for the ultimate rush of gliding through the air while attached to a parachute? If so, then parasailing in Texas is a must-try adventure! It is no secret that South Padre Island is the Texan hotspot for any water sports action. 

Regarding parasailing, there are a handful of certified operators that provide a safe thrill and fascinating views for less than a hundred dollars. Here are our 6 favorite places for parasailing along the Texan Gulf Cost.

How to prepare for your parasailing flight

You do not need any skills, as your flight is in the hands of the captain and crew (which should always be coast guard certified!). The following items will make your trip more comfortable:

  • A towel
  • Some sunscreen
  • Dry bag for phones (often provided by the operator)
  • Sunglasses that fit tightly
  • Water

Parasailing locations in Texas

1. Port A H2O, Port Aransas

At Port A Parasailing, they offer daily flights dependent on the weather, and each flight lasts 8-10 minutes at a height of 400 feet. The trips can accommodate up to 12 passengers, with a minimum of 2 per flight. In addition to an incredible experience, they offer optional extras such as a photo package and 360 degrees YouTube video of your parasailing adventure.


  • Photo package – $40
  • $45 per observer on the boat
  • $89 per parasailing pilot

Check out their parasailing website here. The same company also offers other fun water sports activities, such as jet skis, dolphin watching, kayaks, SUPs, and more, on their other website.

2. Chute ‘Em Up, Port Aransas

This is another parasailing provider located in Port Aransas. They are fully dedicated to parasailing and have great reviews. They are marginally cheaper and have an online booking tool. Anyone aged 7 and over is welcome to fly with them, regardless of their individual weight. We can accommodate up to three people at a time and can fly up to 580 lbs in favorable wind conditions. There is no minimum weight requirement, but they try to group up younger riders, as the chute will fly much better at a total weight of more than 150 lbs. Observers must be at least 2 years old to ride on the boat. 


  • $42 per observer
  • $84 per flyer

3. SPI Exursions, Port Isabel

This parasailing operator is located down South in Port Isabel, right in front of the Mexican border. The flights last 8-12 minutes. You can book the parasailing online on their website. Besides parasailing, they also offer snorkeling excursions, banana boats, jet skis, fishing trips, and boat cruises. They can comfortably seat six passengers, and flights typically last 8-12 minutes. Weight limits may vary due to wind conditions, but the minimum combined weight for passengers is 160-250 lbs, and the maximum combined weight is 350-550 lbs. Guests are welcome to bring drinks on board, but ordering from the bartender in advance is recommended. Children as young as 4 or 5 years old may ride if they fit into our smallest harness. Their boat is 31ft long and coast guard certified.


  • $35 per observer
  • $89 per flyer

4. Sonny’s Beach Service, Port Isabel

Sonny’s Beach Service has been offering parasailing rides since 1986. They also offer banana boat rides and jet skis and rent out more casual water sports equipment, such as boogie boards, tubes, and floating mats.

The company is located on South Padre Island and offers parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico and the bay. The captains are licensed and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Parasailing over the Gulf is more spectacular than just the bay itself. But, if the wind and wave conditions are too rough for ocean parasailing, they will parasail in the bay. 


  • $50 per observer
  • $80 per flyer

They also offer Before Noon and Afternoon specials, where double flights only cost 150$, and triple flights only cost 225 $, which equates to 75$ per rider.

5. Parrot Eyes Water Sports, near Port Isabel

The parasailing company offers single, double, and triple rides with a shuttle boat taking riders to our USCG-certified platform. The experienced captain has over 30 years of watersports experience. No skill is required, and children are also welcome. They do not state any weight or age requirements and are the only parasailing company in the area that has a capacity for groups of up to 30 passengers.

Besides Parasailing over Laguna Madre Bay, the company also provides sunset dolphin tours, jetski tours, banana boat rides, fishing charters, kayaks, and stand-up paddles.

We haven’t used them, but according to their online booking tool the prices are:

  • $90 per flyer
  • $25 per observer

6. Third Coast Parasailing at Crystal Beach near Houston and Galveston

If you are from Houston and don’t want to take the 7-hour car ride down south to Port Isabel just to parasail, Third Coast Parasailing has got you covered. They are conveniently located, and despite being the only operator in this area, their prices are more than reasonable. They do not have any age requirements, and captain Rob and his crew are very friendly. Captain rob is a master licensed USCG certified captain, so you can enjoy the stunning views knowing you are in good hands. The company does not have any age or weight requirements as of now.


  • $90 per flyer
  • $30 per observer
  • $35 per Photo package

Enjoyed your flight along the coast? Try some similar thrills!

Other wind-based popular sports on the Texan Gulf Coasts include hang gliding and paragliding. A hang gliding pilot flies a lightweight aircraft called a hang glider off of cliffs or hills and over water. Paragliding is similar to hang gliding but uses a smaller parachute-like wing.  Each of these sports offers unique thrills and challenges for adventurous individuals.

If you are located far away from the coast, such as in San Antonio, Austin, or Dallas, you should definitely try powered paragliding (also known as paramotoring). It is one of the most difficult aerial vehicles to maneuver, but luckily it can be flown in tandem with an experienced pilot, just like normal paragliding.

Texas is also home to some world-class cliff diving spots that allow you to conquer your fear of heights once and for all!

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