5 Must-See Photogenic Swings on Oahu

Beach swing during sunset with silhoutte of girl swining on it

There’s something about swings that just make us feel like kids again. Maybe it’s simply the thrill of flying through the air, or perhaps because it reminds us of all the joyous moments at our local playground. On Oahu, there are plenty of fun swings to try. They are all exceptionally photogenic, but we also encourage you to lay the phone aside and reconnect with your inner child for a while!

1. Kahana Bay Beach Park

This stunning white-sandy beach is located on the eastern windward side of Oahu. The water is calm, the waves are gentle, and the shore is not too rocky. It is an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, having a picnic, and taking a stroll under the towering ironwood trees. 

There are multiple swings on the beach’s northern end, with the majestic Ko’olau Mountains in the background. These swings are definitely a unique addition to your holiday photo album. The beach is also part of a famous hiking trail with a stunning view of the bay, Kapa’ele’ele Ko’a.

2. Punalu’u Beach

The swing is located on Kamehameha Highway near Punalu’u Beach. It can be tricky to find the exact location. However, it is available on Google Maps. It is between Punalu’u Stream Beach and Punalu’u Beach Park. The mountains and the crystal clear water make an immaculate photo background. The beach also features some tide pools!

3. Kalaeʻōʻio Beach Park

Kalaeʻōʻio Beach Park is located on the Windward Coast of Oahu, about 23 miles north of Honolulu. This small beach is a pleasant place to stop for a break en route to North Shore. The beach offers many shades with picnic tables and grassy areas. There’s also a small swing that you can use to relax or take photos!

Many rocks and reefs are on the ocean bottom near the shoreline, so be careful before entering the water. Wear swimming shoes if necessary.

4. Pua’ena Point Beach

Pua’ena Point Beach is situated next to Haleiwa Beach Park on Oahu’s North Shore. The beach is mainly known for being a good surf spot. Many surf lessons take place on this beach. However, it is not the best swimming spot, as the water can be pretty murky sometimes.

Many families visit this beach for a casual picnic, especially on weekends. There are some trees along the shoreline with a swing under them. It is excellent for kids to play and adults to take photos.

5. Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Park is a stunning white-sandy beach located on the southern end of Kailua Bay. It offers many water-sport activities, such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, kitesurfing and windsurfing. The beach is a popular tourist destination, especially among families. 

Many trees are lining up the beach, providing some shades. In addition, there are some homemade swings under the trees. Dazzling views of the bay provide a stunning backdrop to your snapshots.

Visit Castles Beach while you’re in the area!

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