Finding the Heart-Shaped Rock on Oahu

Heart-Shaped Rock on Oahu at kaena point photographed through a fish-eye lens

The heart-shaped rock on Oahu’s western tip is popular with tourists and locals. It has become a symbol of love and affection for many couples who visit the island. The rock is formed by two lava flows that cooled and hardened in the shape of a heart. Over time, the rock has been eroded by wind and rain, but its shape remains intact.

Getting to the Heart-Shaped Rock

The infamous heart-shaped rock is located at the west end of Ka’ena Point. Ka’ena Point is known as one of the driest areas of Oahu. Unlike other hiking trails that offer lush jungle views, Ka’ena Point is located on a desert-like, arid trail with brown grass and majestic rugged mountains in the background.

There are two separate entrances to reach Ka’ena Point Trail. The first access point is located on the west side of Oahu at the end of Yokohama Bay, and the second access is along the Mokuleia beach (take a break and try some kitesurfing there!) on the north shore. We recommend the first trail, as it is an easier and shorter hike. The route is full of switchback paths along the rugged coast. You can walk along the beach to enjoy the views of the crashing waves of Yokohama Bay.

Not too far from the parking lot along the coastline is where you will find the heart-shaped rock! You will have to position yourself correctly, as the shape is only visible from a single angle. Afterward, you can stay there and enjoy the scenery or continue your hike to the western tip and explore some tide pools along the way. Beware of the crashing waves! Wearing proper hiking shoes is recommended. Sharp and slippery rocks scattered across the trail!

Exact location of the Heart-Shaped Rock on Oahu:

The Heart-Shaped Rock on Maui no longer exists

There was another heart-shaped rock on the island of Maui. It was a famous proposal spot situated near the Nakalele Blowhole. The rock is a perfect frame of the mountains, ocean, and beach. Unfortunately, this heart-shaped rock is no longer available. In mid-January 2020, the heart-shaped has eroded and turned into a half-heart-shaped rock. We truly hoped this is not a bad omen for all the couples who proposed there!

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