Where Can You Go Bungee Jumping in Texas?

Bungee jumper on a crane in gravity park with rainbow in the background

While Texas boasts world-class destinations for a wide variety of extreme sports, bungee jumpers will find their options severely limited and slightly underwhelming. There used to be a handful of bungee jumps in Texas, but most of these spots are now closed. There is only one true bungee jump left. In a nutshell: Bungee jumping in Texas will cost you 25$, and you will have to travel to South Padre Island. The jump is also located in an amusement park, so it doesn’t provide scenic views, like jumping from old railroad bridges in the mountains.

Gravity Park (The only bungee spot left)

If you are set on bungee jumping in Texas, you must visit South Padre Island. Of course, there are plenty of other thrilling attractions (such as parasailing!) that make this long island worth visiting, but Gravity Park definitely tops the list. This amusement and adventure park was established in 1993 and has grown ever since. It offers plenty of fun activities for thrill-seekers, including: 

  • A 150-feet bungee jump
  • The Rocket (Reverse-Bungee)
  • The Skycoaster (a giant bungee swing)
  • A smaller bungee jump for beginners
  • An adult go-kart track
  • Mini golf
  • A medium-sized ferris wheel
  • An arcade
  • A climbing wall
  • And a Trampoline ride

Let’s take a closer look at the bungee-related thrills available at Gravity Park:

Reverse bungee – close to the real thing

Reverse bungees are nothing unique and a fairly popular attraction in many amusement parks. While it is not technically a bungee jump, the rush you get from it feels similar. 

The reverse bungee is also known as the slingshot or catapult bungee. They are a relatively safe attraction and typically cheaper than a real bungee jump. The Rocket at Gravity Park is supposedly the tallest reverse bungee in the world. Price: $25 per ride per person.

The tallest bungee jump at Gravity Park

At a height of 150 feet, this is marketed as the tallest bungee jump in Texas. While this is technically true, remember that this is the only real bungee jumping spot in all of Texas. While it is definitely a thrill, you may want to consider driving to neighboring states to jump from bridges and other platforms out in the mountains. Price: $25 per ride per person.

Skycoaster – a bungee swing

The Skycoaster is a giant swing that accommodates two people. The ropes on the Skycoaster  are not as elastic as a bungee cord. You will not descend vertically, but rather swing back and forth whilst lying flat on your stomach. It is definitely a find experience, but in our opinion, not as thrilling as the aforementioned two attractions at gravity park.

Zero Gravity Amusement Park (closed as of 2021)

Zero Gravity was an amusement park in Dallas that featured many thrilling rides, including a story platform dedicated to bungee jumping. Unfortunately, the park closed its gates permanently in 2021, and its land was sold by the owner.

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